Valea de Peşti Lake

At  Valea de Peşti, the tourist can see a septic lake that, although it is closed to visitors, can be admired from different parts of the Vâlcan mountain.
The reservoir Valea de Peşti was built between 1967 – 1973 having 56 m in height, fact that places at a 35 point among the 246 barrier lakes in Romania.
It has a volume of 4,5 million cubic meters of water, an area of 31 hectares, a maximum depth of 53 m, a length of 2,5 km and is locateld at an altitude of 830 m.
Placed near the village of Câmpu lui Neag – Hunedoara its purpose is mainly to supply water for the Jiu Valley, and in hight flood periods has also the purpose to produce electricity and reduce the hight floods.
To complete the water supply for Lupeni city, it is used a 800mm water supply backbone, by adduction from the Valea de Peşti dam, being alimented two containers of 1,500 cubic meters and two containers of 500 cubic meters, and from this containers, through the distribution networks, the water is distributed to all consumers.
Following a natural disaster, if the Valea de Peşti dam would break, the waters of this lake  would sweep away Uricani, Lupeni, Vulcan, Iscroni cities and the mining exploits in this localities.
In the waters of Valea de Peşti lake people can fish species such as: the wels catfish, the common carp, the common barbel, the european chub.

Uricani_poza_Page_24_Image_0004Bucura Lake is the most majestic glacial lake in the Carpathian Mountains being situated at a 2040 m altitude. The access to this lake is easy even for the less athletic tourists with  a minimum equipment. In principle, any ordinary person used to easy walks can reach this lake. Even if the road is feasible throughout the whole year, this hiking is recommended mostly in the summer, due to the weather.
The most accessible route is Poiana Pelegii – Bucura Lake; Poina Pelegii can be reached by car, entering the national park and bypassing Gura Apelor Lake. This is an easy route that can be made (back and forth) within 4 hours.
At Bucura Lake there is a refuge, which is destined exclusively for mountain rescuers. With their permission and in very bad weather conditions, a limit of 10 people can sleep there. Under normal circumstances, those who make it to the Bucura Lake can remain overnight in tents.
From Bucura Lake tourists can climb the peak. Peleaga (2509 m) – the highest summit from Retezat, the Bucura peak 1 and 2, Judele Peak and to the lakes Ana, Viorica and Lia.

Uricani_poza_Page_24_Image_0005Bucura Lake Info:
– Surface: 8,90 hectare;
– Length: 550 m;
– Average width: 160 m, maximum 225 m;
– Perimeter: about 1390 m;
– Volume (estimated): 625.000 m3
– it is alimented by five main sources;
– the water of this lake overfalls through a single emissary which sends it to Lia Lake having a rate of about 250 liters per second;
– the  fish population is aboriginal  (there are no artificial stocking).