Cave no. 4 from Scocul Scorotei


The opening oh this cave is located on the left side of Scorotei, at 100 m upstream from its confluence with the Western Jiu.
Dimensions: L = 377,2m, D = 26m, E = 48m, Cr = 7,8m, Aa = 1150m, Ar = 50m.

The cave has two large openings (10 × 6. 5x5m) that unite behind a pillar in the single gallery, which branches in two parts in a hall, the two branches create a central pillar. This room is concretionary. The northwest extremity of the hall consists of a shaft with a level difference of 23 m with the terminus at the bottom. At the opposite point of the shaft (the crossing of the shaft) the final hall can be found which has two descending branches clogged with clay. Genetically, this cave is a meandering of Scorota valley. In the first phase, the current openings of this cave functioned as a resurgence, and with the change of the basic level of the region, they remained as a fossil level, the main split have been lost in the shaft from the central sector of the cave.

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