Uricani_poza_Page_42_Image_0006 Uricani_poza_Page_41_Image_0005Alunii Negri Cave

Location and access route.
The cave is situated 2 km upstream from Câmpu lui Neag, at the right side of the West Jiu, at  a relative altitude of 15 m.
The cave is labyrinthine, the galleries are disposed on three levels, but in some areas like the Great Labyrinth 6 floors coexist, out of which only one is active. The total length of the galleries is 3,280 m and the level difference is 53.5 m, a part of these galleries are active, the flow is made in a drowned regime, because this are 5 m below the Jiu river. The fossils and sub-fossils galleries presents numerous leakage traces in a groundwater regime. The cave is a little bit concretionary.