The Ice Cave

Another highly sought tourist route is the one that leads to the Ice Cave, located at 7-8 kilometers from Valea de Peşti.

Having a quite large portal, it was known place since ancient times by locals and also by the tourists who often came to this cave and ventured pretty deep into it to the main gallery (slightly descendent) because they were interested in the ice that forms in there and it is maintained throughout the year.

The descendent area of the cave keeps a low inside temperature through the whole year, even snow.

In fact, the cave is much bigger in terms of development and has a number of entrances and devious cavities, some full of ice, others showing signs of a modeling process of the relief caused by the successively freezing and thawing phenomenon that appears in the highlands of the mountains). There are remarkable drainage shapes formed by the ice that have a specific dynamics through the whole year: stalactites, stalagmites and ice columns of great heights that can be found here especially from December to June.

The cave is a little concretionary and relatively easy to navigate, but it is recommended to avoid the areas where the ice covers the floor of the gallery because there is the risk of slipping.
Because some areas of the cave are still inaccessible without the proper equipment, in this cave has found shelter a small colony of bats that have chosen as a habitat a horn-bell in the vestibular area of the cave.